VariationHunter-CommonLaw is a tool for discovery of structural variation in one or more individuals simultaneously using high throughput technologies.

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Fereydoun Hormozdiari

Simultaneous structural variation discovery among multiple paired-end sequenced genomes

Hormozdiari Fe, Hajirasouliha I, McPherson A, Eichler EE, Sahinalp SC.

Genome Res. 2011. 21: 2203-2212
Presented at RECOMB’11 (15th Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology), Vancouver, Canada, March 28-31 2011
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Highlighted in: Nature Biotechnology, 29, 1101 (2011)
Journal link | PubMed ID: 22048523 |

Next Generation VariationHunter: Combinatorial Algorithms for Transposon Insertion Discovery

Hormozdiari Fe, Hajirasouliha I, Dao P, Hach F, Yorukoglu D, Alkan C, Eichler EE, Sahinalp SC

Bioinformatics 2010 Jun 15;26(12):i350-i357
Presented at ISMB’10 (18th Annual International Conference Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology), Boston, USA, July 11-13 2010
Journal link | PubMed ID: 20529927 |

Personalized copy number and segmental duplication maps using next-generation sequencing

Alkan C, Kidd JM, Marques-Bonet T, Aksay G, Antonacci F, Hormozdiari Fe, Kitzman JO, Baker C, Malig M, Mutlu O, Sahinalp SC, Gibbs RA, Eichler EE.

Nature Genetics,Oct, 41(10):1061-1067, 2009
Journal link | PubMed ID: 19718026 |

Combinatorial Algorithms for Structural Variation Detection in High Throughput Sequenced Genomes

Hormozdiari Fe, Alkan C, Eichler E, Sahinalp SC.

Genome Research, Jul, 19(7):1270-8, 2009.
Presented at RECOMB’09 (13th Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology), Tucson, AZ, USA, May 18-21
Journal link | PubMed ID: 19447966 |